Pluralism and ecumenism are equally flawed

In pluralism, you have multiverses of truth- every truth is absolutely true at the same time, even if two truths contradict each other.

In ecumenism, you note the contradictions that are there, and do your best to celebrate and cultivate more pain of difference.

The natural Way to live is only describable in negative, apophatic, liminal, conditional, and dynamic terms. So, it is possible to talk confidently about it, like one would talk about something believed absolutely. But belief is what is required for things that cannot be experienced or known. Talking about the natural Way as lived experience is confident talking, but conditional, so never absolute.

Absolute truth is an absurd notion to the natural Way; everything is impermanent, as Buddhists say.

Yet still, there are things about the Way that are true, and things about the Way that are not true.

It is impossible to make truth absolute. It is also impossible to bring conflicting things together when their differences are perpetuated. Neither of them are healthy ways to live, or healthy understandings as to the nature of truth.

The Way is at the mystical heart of every religion. Know that, and know how to bring together our antagonistic perspectives on the world. Or, know that, and know peace. But at the same time, know that the truth of this beating heart is living truth; it is a wild animal, and cannot be made tame. Form it into a vessel of words, and it slips itself out of the vessel. Put it in a painting, and it will show itself only if it wants to.

If we all knew about the Way, we would not get so confused about the nature of truth.


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