Jesus does not save

We are so lost and damaged that we refer to the experience of encountering nothing more, or less, than our divine original essence as an encounter with God.

For sure, when in a state of Oneness, deep inner peace, and joy, our natural state – we are reminded of the Oneness and the One. Or, as the Hindu Upanishads call it, ‘reality’.

People are turning to meditation to innoculate against a damaged world. Some may find the light of the world despite that aim. Others because the damage takes them there sooner or later. It’s not that this oneness, discovering your divine essence, is not fantastic. It is the single most important discovery of adult life; the key to living that people talk about sometimes (mainly on billboards). But it is not a miracle.

In other words, the kingdom of heaven is every human being’s birthright, and can be entered into today. It’s amazing. But it’s not a miracle. Why is this important? It’s important because there is so much more to learn and know. The journey begins at the gate of heaven, but it does not end there. Retreat, meditate, withdraw, go deeper, spend time there. Fail, learn, grow. Oneness is not an innoculation, a pill, or a dualism (this life, that life. This time, beyond time). It is not a coping mechanism or a miracle. It is the beginning of a journey – not a destination.

Jesus does not save. It is your own faith that saves you from yourself when you recognise the good news of your own inheritance. Once aware of it, a process of synthesis has to begin; comparing what you have found with how you live; going into transformative and liberating personal growth.

This is a humbling fact. It suggests I have been living in a dream world and have only just started waking up. Humility, prostration of the ego, surrender of the idea of a fixed identity; none of these are popular ideas. But, like the Tao says, if I am afraid of death then I am not living.

We have so much to learn, and such little time to do it in, because human civilization is at such great risk, and because life is short anyway. Self-help is a good goal to have. But it is fast becoming too late for that, especially for our children and their children. Discovering the light will become almost a necessity if you do not want to get caught up in the world’s madness, as well as a requirement if you want human civilization to live on to see another iteration.

Why doesn’t the Christian good news ever feel good to anyone? Because penal substitutionary atonement is not the good news. The church is dying out in Europe because it has forgotten what the good news is. The real good news is still waiting to be discovered by the Christian church. Church structures will continue to die unless people within them start to proclaim that the kingdom of heaven can be lived experience for anyone today. They do not have to wait until tomorrow. They do not have to follow a program, doctrines, dogmas. They do not have to wait to die. They do not have to wait to become whole. It is here on this Earth, even in this time, this lifetime.

We get with the healing program that has already begun, or we turn the gardens of our souls into toxic wastelands.


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