It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me or says of me. The only thing that matters is what I think of myself, and that depends on what I know of myself. And what I know of myself depends on surrendering my ego.

The ego – the part of the mind which depends on adversaries in order to feel alive – needs preoccupations, drama. It will never help me to be free.

My ego looks for a day that will never come; the tomorrow when I have made peace with all my adversaries; when everyone loves me and sings my praises; when I have proven to everyone that I am worthy to be first, or respected, or treated with justice always.

My inner self knows that day will never come. Or, put another way, that day of final lasting peace is today. I already have as much respect, justice, fairness, as I’m ever going to get from others. So now is the time to issue respect to myself by bringing justice and fairness to myself.

Self-respect or self-worth, built on the experiential knowledge of my own awesome potential, purity, spiritual worth, is the biggest weapon against my own demons and their mirrored force in others.

Self-worth does not mean regarding myself as blameless. But I can be free of the need to ‘own’ blame; torturing myself into second place; letting others inhabit me instead of inhabiting myself.

If blame is levelled at us – how useful is it? Is it helping to diagnose a situation? How much truth is there in it? 10%? 20%? Even 20% is not enough to drop the sense of self-worth and pick up the self-flaggelation whip again.

Neither is 100%.


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