Brother Ash Tree

One day during meditation, I looked out a window to an ash tree. I felt my own life energy reaching out to the tree. At first I felt nothing reciprocating. Then after a short while I felt being pushed away. Shoved off.

However, being curious, I reached out again more gently than the first time. Brother ash tree explained: leave me be. I am sleeping.

Of course. It was early February. He had no leaves, and hardly any catkins or shoots. Conserving energy. Dormant. Waiting.

On one other occasion, during late summer, the visit was much more fruitful. I was taken up into the core of the tree like a speeding bullet – a particle of water going right up from the roots into the uppermost branches.

From this experience, I have learned that when people say that everything that has life shares the same life force with you, they are speaking a great truth. Everything that has life is able to communicate with you. You just need to try it.

And ask permission first.


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