The point of life, is life

The point of life, is life. It is a gift. That is all. Make the most of it. Make as much or as little of it as you can, or want.

Running in circles between being in form, and knowing formlessness,
between attaching to frivolous things, and knowing that frivolous things (samsara) are momentary and therefore sources of pain and dissatisfaction, can lead to a sense of nihilism.

Why live? Why do anything? Does anything matter? Why work hard? Why work at all? Why try to do good? Why try to change things? Why care so much about climate change that it is wounding the soul?

Because life matters very much, and not at all.

Because climate change matters tremendously, and not at all.

Because everything matters, and nothing matters.

Because everything that exists is momentary, and this is just how it is right now. Tomorrow, in a thousand years, it will all change.

All of this has happened before. All of it will happen again.

So, here’s life. A cosmic joke: we exist, we are caught up in existence’s own projection of an idea of permanence where none exists. It’s a paradox. Existence is not permanent, therefore it does not exist. It is only ever a momentary dream.

And so with life.

You can bury yourself in that hole of nihilism.

Or you can see that ultimately what really matters does not matter at all.

Holding every care lightly, having sincerity but no care in the world. Jesus’ birds of the field.

The point of life is just life. Enjoy it, and enjoy the joke.


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