Going the other Way

Blocks on the path of the Way seem to keep returning in different guises. The previous block (interpreting non-attachment as a negative energy witholding life experience) has come back as an interpretation of the Way being a negative way to live. If this ‘Way’ is so amazing, then why does it feel boring, crummy, repetitious, serious, ascetic, and plain silly at times?

Of course it’s the other way round. Along pursuit of the Way comes a vast unknown quantity of potential, creativity, energy, light, life wisdom. It allows one to be fully alive to life’s present experiences and challenges, joys and wonders. In Tolle’s words, it opens up the beauty of life irrespective of one’s current life position. It can lead to unknown places, instead of being tied to holding patterns, stuck records, painful energy, and dusty scripts.

Going into the Way is embracing life – literally and on many levels. Is this what it feels like to be a ‘path winner’? If so, then this is my first glimpse of it – through the mire of what the Theravadin’s call the ‘great terror’ felt by anyone entering the gate.

The Way is the opposite of what my ego thinks it is. Or, in Christian language, this is topsy-turvy refinement going on; losing one’s life only to find it. Found. Lost. Found again. Lost again. Making found into lost. Making lost into found. Profoundly confounded. Backwards and forwards.

All very neccesary. How funny!


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