To call it ‘god’ limits experience

There is no ‘god’.

OK. There’s _something_. A force of nature. A power in the universe. In every being, but something which has a life of its own as well.

But I don’t have faith in it. Or any belief. It’s all about experience now.

If I can experience something, then it is real to me. If I can’t then it isn’t. And what I experience doesn’t seem to want to be ‘worshipped’ in the way that god is worshipped in most religions. With songs, hymns, rituals, traditions. All of those behaviours seem to be white noise; static which gets in the way of experiencing the divine which is already within each of us, and beyond each of us.

When it is felt, it’s just there. It is no more there or less there if I pray diligently, sing well, repent of my sins, go to church, read a holy book, and so on. All that is required is submission to it. In the submission there is an opening up to it inwardly, and a recognition that it is both beyond me/ beyond being knowable, but yet an intrinsic part of my being at the same time.

If I call it ‘god’ then I am starting to model it to my own preference. Starting to anthropologise it. Giving it a character like that of another human being. A character which judges, has preferences, has mental positions like I do, and so on.

It is not god. It is i am.


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