Fear is not much use.

We are afraid of…

…the impact we are having on the planet’s climate.
…the economic turbulence which will spin with every extra hurricaine and tornado the world faces.
…the demise in fossil fuels, and whether energy change will take away our assumed right to run automobiles and trawl the world looking to be entertained by primitives.
…the increase in theft due to the credit crunch.
…increasing political extremism.
…the implosion of governance systems which go to war without our consent.

…we know not everyone can live like we do in our country, yet we do not change how we live.
…we will not shore up the causes of that uncertainty, choosing instead to capitalise on uncertainty.

We are less afraid of AIDS or the nuclear threat, but we hold those fears in reserve.

But what does all this fear give us? Fear does not give us a resourceful mind to flex and adapt to a changing climate – to learn from climate how better to live our lives. It does not create fair economic systems, or social cohesion.

Fear is not much use as a tool. We have only to fear fear itself.

I will not be afraid of these things.


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