Vacation from conformity

To ‘have a holiday’ can mean that to be at work is dissatisfactory, whereas to be off work is satisfactory.

It’s much better to be satisfied with work, and dissatisfied with holiday. In reality, many of us are dissatisfied with holiday. We came back to the same place as last year, but for some reason it was not as good. When we tried to recreate that nice day we had a year ago, it did not work. It was not as sunny. The food was not quite as good. There were too many other people.

To have a holiday is to chase after a momentary satisfaction. It is never possible to re-live something, and so there is pain and suffering.

But because for many of us it is not possible to be satisfied with work, we have to say that we were satisfied with our holiday, even if we were not. We are not satisfied with work in the same way that we are not satisfied with other people, or with what we own, or with the weather. The things we are satisfied about, we do not give much thought to.

Nirvana is boundless joy.


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