Religions are coming together

At the heart of every world religion rests the same ultimate truth: that it is only in surrendering our minds to the will of the ground of all Being that we are delivered from illusion, pain, and suffering, and help to deliver the world from illusion, pain, and suffering. In that surrender comes a groundswell of wisdom, and we are nolonger hostages to the disease of incessant thinking; the ego’s constant need to differentiate good/bad, like/hate, peace/war, me/you, me/world, me/them.

A different pattern of being starts to emerge; one which does not rely solely on one’s own resources, but on the bringing together of one’s own resources and the source of all life that is the made and unmade cosmos.

No world religion has its summation, epiphany, or climax, alone. As long as the world’s religions remain standing alone then they are not true religion but the outworkings of human ego. No-one would ever want a religious doctrine to be the work of the ego, and yet in isolation from other doctrines, that is exactly what it is.

When all of the world’s religions are standing together in the knowledge of the shared truth they bring to us, then they have truly served their purpose, and human ego has finally learnt its rightful place as a part of us but not as a possessor of us. The lion lays down with the lamb, and we are free.

Standing alone, no religion of the world will save humanity but will only help to drive it to greater insanity. Any religious talk of being right as set against other doctrines being wrong, is the work of the ego.

If religions are not coming together, then they are not doing their job.

The ground of all Being has only ever been loving its made cosmos into an ever greater understanding of itself. Illusion, pain, and suffering are in the time and space required for that greater understanding to develop, but they are not that time and space. Therefore, it is up to us to choose greater understanding, or more illusion, pain, and suffering.

Do you think this dogma is true?


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