Questioning Mind

Delivered at a workshop weekend in High Wycombe, UK.

A questioning mind is the best frame of mind for understanding what it is I seek to understand.

But a questioning mind is not a mind full of questions. It is the opposite of this. It is a mind emptied of everything, supple, and left only with its inquisitive vast potential.

Empty of questions, anxieties, frustration, impatience, fatigue…I am able to see the things I seek to understand simply for what they are today. Not what they were in the past. Not what they remind me of. Not what I want them to be for myself. Just what they are right now.

Following this comes the true understanding I am looking for. And following the understanding comes answers. And with answers, there can be skillful action in the world. Good karma.

So, to act skillfully I need an approach. For an approach I require understanding. To understand, I need a clear mind. In other words, to answer my questions I must let go of every question. Attachments. Emotions. Preoccupations. I would like us to do some letting go together.

Sit comfortably. Relax upper…lower…become aware of your breathing. Take deep breath in. Breathe out.

20 minutes of silence starting and ending with a bell. Focus only on breathing in and breathing out. Your mind will wonder frequently to other things. When it does, don’t curse yourself. Concentrate on the breathing in and out again. Through this it is possible to let go of attachments, and empty out all questions. Just keeping focussed on the simplicity of drawing a breath. On breathing. A beautiful painting starts with a blank canvas. Perhaps you are wondering what sort of beautiful painting. What sort of canvas. Just breathing. In. And out.

Bell. Distant.
Bell. Once.