The violence of knowing good

In…practicing good, there is no agent that is doing good and no one who benefits from it; there is no subject or object. There is not even any sense of doing. Compassion happens… the way you grow your hair.
It is not the self that does good… Knowing depends on words and ideas that describe reality. Knowing involves the knower and the thing that the knower knows.

John Daido Loori (Invoking Reality: The Moral and Ethical Teachings of Zen)

Conventionally, to do good requires knowing. Knowing requires ideas about reality. Attempting to bend reality to those ideas. More pain and suffering for the self and the other.

Whereas actualizing good for others can only rightly rest within compassion and  in compassion there is no divisibility between self and other. No knowing. No ideas or words about reality. No one who does the knowing.


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