Dharma rant

We are all different manifestations of the same thing. Our conditioned self, the part of us we cling to, the ego, the sense of a permanent self – this is different for each one of us. But with that stripped away, laid bare, or seen as the illusion that it really is – all that is left is perfection; a perfect being that we share with all being.

It is such a simple thing, yet without this knowledge we are able to kill one another; kill creatures, abuse resources, find ways to be violent to each other mentally, and so on.

This single knowledge of our always already perfection, and our Oneness, has the potential to unravel our wars, our resource problems, our environmental catastrophes, our economic crises. It has the potential to open up boundless potential in everyone. This is because it is the Way. Oneness is the way. The way the universe is ordered.

If you know this, now is the time to be it. Now is the time to say it. As much as possible. Your own prosperity abandoned. The prosperity of all things embraced.

This is the good news that the roman empire did not want the world to hear. Illusion has a way of persisting.


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