Dharma of fun

Fun is a great teacher too.

My partner and I watch ‘surprised kitty’ on YouTube.

A little while later we mimic surprised kitty and surprised kitty’s human carer on each other. There is a moment of laughter, both sharing a game with no words. All of eternity enters in.


After the grave

When all that is left is past pain. When all the real healing and recovery has been achieved, and is a thing of the past and not today. That is when a fresh challenge comes.

The previous challenges; how to cope with today, how to unlearn thought-patterns emergent of a damaged mind, how to let go of negative thoughts, how to choose rational thoughts over irrational ones, are gone. What is left more than anything is then simply choice.

Choice to stay content with things as they are, or choice to use what has been learnt through the expensive and difficult process of dying and finding life, of breaking down, through, and back up.

But to use what has been learnt requires a willingness to go into previously uncharted territory in one’s inner life and in the experience of life in general. To choose to allow new thought patterns to develop. To let go of favourite negative thoughts and allow new modes of behaviour and analysis.

For me, this is met with a great reluctance on a subconscious level. Perhaps because past pain is known, and being known provides a certain level of preceived comfort. Which is, of course, silly. Pain can never comfort.

So the choice is there. Finally, the opportunity arises to let go of all that I have been through, and apply the learning – pioneering a new way of being in the world.

There is only really one answer. Yes. I will let go of the past. I will let go of negative ‘comfort places’. I will brave a new world in my soul. And the cosmos is there to greet me already.

When rising from the grave is completed, there is simply new living to do.

Imitation of Life

‘Do not even try to imitate Buddha or Christ; follow their teaching, understand the essence, the depth and reach of it, and create your own way in relation to your own life. …Your life is unique and your karma is your own… The very attitude of wanting to be free is a mistake…’

‘[Since you are eternal being]..You can live for eternity in this life, starting now, not only after you die.’

Taisen Deshimaru.


I wonder whether activism plays a part in making peace?

The normal mind is the adversarial mind. This is what Michel Meiho Bovay says in his commentary on Master Taisen Deshimaru’s Rules of the Dojo.

Global peace may not be possible with normal adversarial mind activity. Conflict potential is perhaps truly transformed by natural state peace mind only.

War is built on anger fear ignorance illusion. Consciousness raising activity shows the current manifestations of the illusions we share, and how active such illusions are. But sick minds essentially need compassion hospital. Is activism compassionate? Does it show compassion?

Anger and fear cannot defeat ignorance and illusion. ‘Those who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes’.