Chi, Tao, Source, Spirit, Buddha nature, Brahman, Kami, Al’lah, Christ…

Is the source all of these things? Does it matter?

All I have experienced is that a place soaked in holy life is a place soaked in holy life and I have felt this by the tomb of St BedeĀ in Northumbria, in a Hindu temple in India, in a Dojo in Bristol, outside a synagogue, and under a few certain trees.

Some say that this undeniable experience is evidence or proof for tenets of belief. Faith doesn’t need proof, but people still want evidence.

A church soaked in prayer is not a unique thing. Places seem to reverberate in all sorts of ways and all sorts of traditions. Why, for example, are the Ancestors so powerful in shamanic journeys? Journeys often start or finish with our human ancestors around fires in the bush landscapes of our origin. That’s a reverberation in the universe stretching back to our own common source.

The singing that TIbetan Buddhists do (from memory, ‘maha bekhundze, radza samudgate soha…’) reverberates so well that after joining the song for a few months, the song can stay with you in your head for days afterward.

Some say that the source is Christ and always has been. If that’s true, then why does centering prayer feel just like Zazen, which stems from traditions 500 to 1,000 years older.

I think I all I can say, for one, is that reverberations are felt and that there is IT. The something. Life itself.