A River Runs Through It (It Runs As Though A River)

John Daido Loori said that the heritage of all the Buddhas and the ancestors is a powerful spiritual magnet drawing us or aiding us along the Way.

Rather like the river of Buddha nature having its own force of current.

When I spent time with the Tibetan Buddhists who sing their sutras, ‘[from memory] maha bekhundze, radza samudgate soha….’ the songs stick with you and call you when you are not there; in daily life they come back and sing.

In Zen it is harder to describe this feeling, since we ‘sing’ rather simply. It feels more like the river flows its very self, taking you gently on.

A feeling like standing in a Church dripping in centuries of prayer, or visiting your hometown where everything fits right somehow and you can unfold into it.

It runs as though a river.


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