It’s a new start

According to the Mayans, it’s a new start.

They’ve always said that. Talk of apocalypse is misinterpretation. The calendar *resets* and starts all over again. 

How much humans are involved in the new start, and in what way, remains to be seen. 

It’s taking me a while to get used to the equanimity of Buddhist practice. Suddenly all life is just as important as my own. Standing on snails, for example, has me doing sanpai these days (bowing three times to acknowledge my anger greed and ignorance)….


2012, 1220, or 2120?

Whatever arises, or does not arise, for each of us,
Or individually,
Does so because it’s what we need in order to wake up;
To see reality just for what it is. The energetic, beautiful, unmade, unfolding, and disappearing present moment.

And it’s always been that way.
It doesn’t matter if it’s 2012, or 1220, or 2120.
It doesn’t matter if it’s June 2012 or December 2012, or Juvember 2012.
Karma boomerangs in a system that only supports certain physical and natural principles, and does not support others.
Bending principles that don’t bend make things snap. And not understanding the principles obfuscates which ones can be bent.
Seeing the Way clearly is the only Way to delight in life. And there is just one Way, because there’s one cosmos.
But that doesn’t mean reliance on absolute truth to uncover something absolute. Absolute truth has a way of not ever getting at what really is the absolute truth about life, because life is alive,

And so is its source.

Oh, She’s devious.