The ramblings of a grieving man

It’s 1:49am.

I’ve had whisky.

My Father died tonight.

It wasn’t a shock. He was a very poorly man. He has also been in hospital the last 3.5 weeks.

But it is still a surprise, and losing a close relative is tough. So why am I blogging?

Oh, the company I guess. Can’t sleep. Tapping on a keyboard is soothing. Don’t know.

Here’s to you, Dad. You taught me how to appreciate sunsets and sunrises. You were free spirited and carved your own path. You took the slower road whenever possible. We finally got to know each other, and last week I told you that I loved you for the first time.

I’m ready for you to go. You’re gone. And all that pain and sorrow you were carrying, well that’s gone too.

Dad. 1947 – 2013. Bye Dad.