Perhaps today will be the day I attain enlightenment…

I wake up from sleep, or I wake to my senses in the presence of the moment, and think to myself – I could be experiencing satori 24/7. There’s nothing to stop me from being enlightened all the time; so why don’t I?

Why isn’t today ‘the day’!?

The day everything suddenly clicks and there is no looking back: for 24 hours of every day, walking the earth, going to work, washing the laundry, feeling centred, being filled with the wisdom of the universe, allowing the light contained in the body-mind to do its healing and balancing work as it knows how to do when I don’t get in the way, and spouting a thousand wisdoms from my mouth between breakfast and bed?

Well, it hasn’t happened yet!

So why not? I have no excuses. Only episodes of forgetting. Getting wrapped up in the day’s affairs, and often the affairs of days ahead in the future, or back in the past.

Is it because I favour the everyday way of being? Is it because my ego is still too strong? Is it because full attainment is something that happens to other people- never me?

My hardships here, I realise, I share with countless others. We are all practising. Spiritual practice is called ‘practice’ for a reason, I’m told. We don’t get there overnight. (Of course, in Zen we say, to want to get ‘there’ is to never reach ‘there’. ‘There’ is only an idea of There. Not the There that’s real.

The eagerness of the way-seeking mind is at least one thing! Back to the meditation cushion I go…


Prepare (yourself) for Contact?

I’m a little slow on the uptake blogging this YouTube link – reportedly filmed at the citizen hearing on disclosure.

About a month ago, I saw an unidentifiable flying object, very large, I’d say very low, very quiet, and very close to my home in Oxford UK. In fact I saw it on two separate evenings, running the same trajectory through the night sky. I shaln’t bother describing it; suffice to say it looked very similar to ones depicted visually in several YouTube videos that are easy to search for.

So that’s piqued my interest again in the subject. So much so that I’m off to read Charles Hall’s book Millenial Hospitality…..