2014: A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle has written an excellent book about a new earth – Earth exactly like it is today, except without the human drama and ego (essentially).

I like to think his vision is interchangeable with Jesus’ vision of ‘the kingdom of heaven’ (see previous blog posts).

Why is it that this new earth, this kingdom of glory, always feels so tantalisingly near, and yet so far? Perhaps it is because we always recognise on the most fundamental level within ourselves that we are One, that we are not our ego, our internal stories about ourselves, so this part of us always-already lives in glory. We aren’t so much ‘making heaven come to earth’ – doing any ‘making’ is almost always invariably going to be just more white noise – more ego drama – as remembering the in-glory state we already have.

I say that this is the good news that’s really good.

So is it me, is it just this tantalising feeling of ‘near’, or is 2014 going to be a special year?

I suppose in a sense it is just me. Oops. I’d better get out of the way!