Telling Stories.

Plateaus with a view through a valley.

FeelingĀ Stoked. Just like fire.

Things done well (whatever the thing is).

Ending with a song. La, la, la!

Fond bonds with other creatures.

These are uniquely Earth-human traits. No other species in the cosmos shares them.


Not even humans elsewhere in the cosmos.


The space we are in is constantly changing

Our orbit around our sun is fixed.

Our sun’s orbit in the milky way is relatively fixed.

The milky way’s orbit is almost certainly also containing some level of habit in its context.

But the space we move in, the space we travel in, is in constant change because the cosmos is moving and there really is no fixed point.

So, the space we are in is constantly changing.

Being authentically male, yet adaptive and staying broken

This is the ‘great new transition’, or ‘the great shift’. So, the only constant at this time is rapid change. Often exponentially rapid, depending on what changes you look at.

As is sort of said in Zen Buddhism, if you attach to any fixed idea about yourself or the world, you’ll lose your head sooner or later. And that’s certainly true right now.

I’m sat here reflecting on seven years of brokenness. Seven years of drifting in and out of different kinds of barely skilled jobs.

I’m lucky though. Where I work, most of the staff are at least aware of this shift, if not proactively and creatively working on adaptation in their own lives. (We have a wormery. How many employers have a wormery!)

But the job I do doesn’t quite feel vibrationally right, because during this personal transition I found out what it is to be authentic, to be whole, to be present, to come into my own, and to be the man I am.

At the same time maleness is covered over with so many layers of ‘fixedness’ it’s almost impossible to think about being authentically male during a time of transition without attaching to those fixed ideas for want of apparent solidity and certainty.

All men fix on ideas of the role of the man at some level and some stage. It’s what maleness often is; it defines itself in opposition to the feminine, whereas the feminine just gets on with it.

Much has been written about these themes by others. Authentically adult and authentically male is not impossible.

But it’s not really that I’m struggling with.

I still don’t know where to put myself. I don’t know what I want ‘to do’ for myself. I’m still just going around pleasing others šŸ˜¦

Where is my highest excitement?

‘Act on your highest excitement to the best of your ability with no expectation of the outcome’ – Bashar.