Bashar’s formula is not quite correct?

Who, or what, ever you think Bashar is – extra-terrestrial alien channeled by Daryl Anka, or something else – you have to admit his teachings and delivery are mesmerising and thought-provoking.

He has quite a following in the US and elsewhere.

He has a formula, which goes something like this (what follows is a scribbled note from one of his recorded sessions on YouTube, so it may well be a mis-quote in places):

‘Always at every moment pick the option that contains the highest excitement. Act on it as best you can. Surrender to the Source. Zero expectation or insistance on what the outcome is to be. Synchronicity will lead you in to joy. The best ‘you’ you can be is the inner child: ‘You’ already knows what’s exciting because it is the higher mind’.

I’ve had this written up on a wall in my home for some months, and I’ve been scratching my head about it. Some days enjoying it. Other days being confused by it.

It just doesn’t feel quite correct.

It isn’t synchronicity that leads us to joy, though synchronicity might cause happiness to arise.

Joy of existence just is. It is in our natural state – our always-already, perfect, Oneness with all things and with the Source that is in all manifested things and yet is beyond the manifested, and beyond time. Joy arises and goes at it does; being enlightened does not depend on feeling it.

And being enlightened does not depend on being the best anything, or acting on anything. Quite often wisdom emerges in the spaces between activities.

There is one Way. Not because there is one true religion, but because there is only one reality we share (a point Bashar would most likely disagree with). Only one structure to manifested things. The Way is harmonious with what Is and, because what Is is not constant, the Way has to be felt rather than proscribed.

There is one Dharma; not because there is one life-lesson, but because there is only one problem to solve – my own Ego.

Going beyond the need to have joy, beyond the need to act on feelings arising, joy arises of its own accord and activity can become more considerate to all beings, more useful, more productive, more joyous – and other things.

Acting on excitement is not ‘wrong’. Surrendering to the Source is wonderful.

In my own personal and humble opinion, that’s why I think this formula (if I have transcribed and understood it correctly, even) is not quite correct; not quite skillful Dharma.

That said, I still think Bashar is wonderful and I …enjoy… listening to him.



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