The strangest dream

I had the strangest of dreams last night. So vivid. But not about me. Like I was someone else entirely.

The dream was in the small hours, but when I woke up about four hours later I hurriedly wrote down some bullet points of the details.

It could have been “just a dream”. But having seen films about “clairvouyants” helping police in the USA, and also of course having an understanding from years of meditation that ‘we are One’; that on some levels the physical boundaries separating all beings are just (what Einstein called a) persistent illusion, perhaps it wasn’t.

Perhaps this ‘dream’ was something that happened to a real person. If it did, then it might be useful for someone. Who knows; maybe even someone will find this and work out who it relates to.

  • 3.26am Thursday 22nd October
  • “I” was driving police car with my colleague up a slight incline road
  • I was driving very slowly not overtaking a cyclist with no lights to see what he would do
  • He pulled in to a lay-by and dismounted
  • He started looking for his lights
  • Myself and my colleague got out of the car and walked over to him and started talking
  • As we were talking the cyclist heard something on my radio and stopped us saying “that’s here” or something like that
  • I listened and then heard my name on the radio
  • We received details and an address. The cyclist said “this way”
  • We followed him. Confusion. There was a lane, maybe a field, some trees. Was it the wrong way? Did we take this lane right to the end and straight ahead, or change direction off to the left?
  • We entered a cul-de-sac through a break between houses. On the opposite side of the road and slightly to the right of the cut way was the house
  • When we reached the house we could see in through the window a kitchen to the right; parallel with the front door and what must have been entrance hall
  • A European man was being violent with a European woman in the kitchen
  • We entered the house
  • I was killed.

2 thoughts on “The strangest dream”

  1. Have you ever experienced any Jungian analysis, Trevor? I wonder whether this could be some sort of expression of your psyche?? I often have dreams about car-chases, policemen and apprehending people committing crimes. I often feel they are expressions of my mind working through deep beliefs I have in my unconscious. Just a thought. You’re not a policeman, are you??!! Or likely to drive a police car in the near future (steer clear!!!) 😊

    Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 14:12:43 +0000


  2. Sorry, forgot to add that I often experience myself as ‘other people’ in my dreams. I switch perspective too, as the dream goes on and I get confused about who is actually me, and who is watching. I guess a Jungian analyst would have something to say about our sense of self-identity, and the different parts of our psyche from this……… But I don’t actually know……..

    Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 14:12:43 +0000 To:


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