Do I really need to learn that? Really?

In reference to karma, sometimes I catch myself (and hear others say) thinking that I must be finding something hard because I still need to learn about what this thing is throwing up. After all, this is how some of the ancient traditions challenge us to think about things we are (choosing to) find(ing) ‘hard’.

But equally in the West many of us have come from oppressive backgrounds in one way or another. Even if we are privileged to be ‘white’ or even ‘male’ if we were growing up in the ’70’s or ’80’s (y’know the days before the Internet or iPhones) some of us were quite poor. A meal was not guaranteed every day. And even if not poor then oppressed in some other way – perhaps by our community or by our church. Taught to obey. Taught to fit in. Whatever it is.

So perhaps because of that we have a tendency over here to internalise things – to blame ourselves for things. And this trait is by no means universal.

So when we hear our traditions or our spiritual gurus say that perhaps if we’re finding something hard we still need to learn something; so sit with it, go into it, don’t resist it and so on. And sometimes that’s exactly right.

But sometimes the right thing to do is simply walk away or cut that thing out of my life. Sometimes I don’t actually need to learn anything more about a situation that’s hard. I really don’t; I’ve learnt enough already. In fact, if I don’t walk away from it then I still haven’t learnt what I did learn about that thing.

So do I really need to learn this thing? Like, really? Maybe not. Maybe not this time.