About author

My name is Trevor. I live in Oxford, UK.

I’m in my forties. I grew up in a church which preached (at times) that you only went to heaven if you went to that particular church. Maybe not Bible-belt America but, you know, Baptist and much of the same theology. My father was disabled and my mother died when I was 16. I’m also gay so I didn’t have ‘fitting in’ as consolation either. Worse than that, I learned that I was an abomination before my 10th birthday.

Little wonder that I became a bit mystical in my early thirties, then!

I wonder as I wander as I wonder……

Will you share the walk with me today?


6 thoughts on “About author”

  1. I happened upon your website while doing a search on the weird weather patterns that the world seems to be having currently.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.



  2. Hi Trevor,

    cool site. Thank you for your comment in my blog’s post about Killing Buddhism blaa blaa. Yeah, go ahead, you can use my name.

    All the best,


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