About blog

I probably don’t have any unique life discoveries to share with the world. But each person writes slightly differently. This storehouse is a place for me to put the discoveries I am most proud of; discoveries made on my chosen life path.

My path is the path of a self-proclaimed mystic.

Hopefully the way I write about my discoveries will give you new insights, even if what I write about is rudimentary to you.

Let’s face it: blogging is a little egoic. I don’t even have an audience yet, as I write this, and I’m already imagining streams of comments showering admiration! Perhaps claiming to be a mystic as well as being a blogger is spurious.

The way I see it, I write these things down for me anyway. So I may as well share them with you.

One day I hope I will have travelled far enough on my path to not need to blog. Until then, happy reading.


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