Buddhism Basics


This is an iterative document. I will be updating it as I go in the coming months and years, until it has reached a state that feels right. If you find this document, and after reading it you would like me to do more work on it, I will happily spend some more time updating it.

It is based on direct learning from two different Buddhist centres;

Thrangu House in Oxford, UK and,
Oxford Zen Group

It also relies quite heavily on some books about Buddhist practice and experience.The main one is:

Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience. Donald W Mitchell. 2nd Edition. I can highly recommend this book.

At the moment, there are some parts that are incomplete. If anyone has any feedback about the document, or suggested edits or corrections, I would be grateful to receive them.

I could not find anywhere else on the internet where there is a concise summary of the essence of Buddha’s teaching that is useful for getting to grips with the main tenets of the teaching, how they fit together, and how they work. Many online resources focus on the great tradition of the Sutras. Wonderful though Sutras are, my gut feeling and my own feeling is that Westerners will need somewhere much more simple to start than Sutra stories in getting to grips with Buddhism.

I freely admit, however, that I wrote this document for my own benefit and pleasure. If it is useful for you, then all well and good and how delighting.