Life out there, life everywhere.

It took me a year to make. And now it’s here. A music album about meditation, presence, wholeness, life beyond and life within.

Currently on Google Play. (It will be on other download stores over the next couple of days.
Season’s Greetings to all of you. Namaste.



The strangest dream

I had the strangest of dreams last night. So vivid. But not about me. Like I was someone else entirely.

The dream was in the small hours, but when I woke up about four hours later I hurriedly wrote down some bullet points of the details.

It could have been “just a dream”. But having seen films about “clairvouyants” helping police in the USA, and also of course having an understanding from years of meditation that ‘we are One’; that on some levels the physical boundaries separating all beings are just (what Einstein called a) persistent illusion, perhaps it wasn’t.

Perhaps this ‘dream’ was something that happened to a real person. If it did, then it might be useful for someone. Who knows; maybe even someone will find this and work out who it relates to.

  • 3.26am Thursday 22nd October
  • “I” was driving police car with my colleague up a slight incline road
  • I was driving very slowly not overtaking a cyclist with no lights to see what he would do
  • He pulled in to a lay-by and dismounted
  • He started looking for his lights
  • Myself and my colleague got out of the car and walked over to him and started talking
  • As we were talking the cyclist heard something on my radio and stopped us saying “that’s here” or something like that
  • I listened and then heard my name on the radio
  • We received details and an address. The cyclist said “this way”
  • We followed him. Confusion. There was a lane, maybe a field, some trees. Was it the wrong way? Did we take this lane right to the end and straight ahead, or change direction off to the left?
  • We entered a cul-de-sac through a break between houses. On the opposite side of the road and slightly to the right of the cut way was the house
  • When we reached the house we could see in through the window a kitchen to the right; parallel with the front door and what must have been entrance hall
  • A European man was being violent with a European woman in the kitchen
  • We entered the house
  • I was killed.

The end of hierarchies

This is the end of hierarchies. Gradually we are awakening to the fact that there is no longer any need to have the pyramid structures we once believed in: organised religion, politicians, command and control forms of leadership, institutions, nationalisms.

Well, anyway, that’s how it ‘feels’ to me. How does it feel to you? Is there much evidence of this…yet?

A charity based near me has ditched the Director. Also see ‘flatten the pyramid’ here.